Organic synthesis for drug discovery

We are a team of scientists from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Enamine Ltd. Students, PhD-students and professional chemists – we all share a passion for organic chemistry.

We believe that our research, a collaboration of academics and industry to develop novel building blocks, will help pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their drug discovery projects.


15.04.2018: Sergey Zhersh (Jorik) knows a lot on sulfonyl fluorides (SO2F)! Check out more in CEJ!
28.03.2018: Pavel received an award "Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists (under 35)!"
12.03.2018: A story of Yevhen, Tania and Alex on "breaking bad" with maleimides is in JOC!
28.02.2018: Vitalina and Yurii know how to fluorinate pyrazoles! See more in JOC!
15.02.2018: Roman and Vadym make difluorocyclopropanes great again! Check out this HOT paper in CEJ!
07.02.2018: Spirocyclic building blocks by Alex Kirichok are rolling up in CEJ!
31.01.2018: A joint manuscript with Prof. Yong Wu (Chengdu, China) on the novel fluorinated diazo reagent has been published in RSC Adv. Congrats Yong!
17.01.2018: Congrats to Tetiana, Yevhen and Alex, as their paper has been published in JOC! Well done, ladies and gentlemen.

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